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Are you a hair salon or barber shop ?

Do you want to create your own brand of hairdressing products instead of using and/or reselling brands that you don't know much about in the end ? Do you feel overwhelmed by the multiple aspects to take into account ?

Every stage of the process seems to be a huge challenge, from product design to technical development, packaging selection, regulatory constraints and the development of an effective marketing strategy.

It's normal to feel quickly overwhelmed by tasks, or even worse... Failing to complete them properly can lead to the loss of potential customers and compromise your prospects of success.

At Dôm Labs , we offer the ideal solution with our services for professional hairdressing products that will help you avoid mistakes, whether your project is large or small.

We support you progressively, starting with the design of your cosmetics following precise specifications, until their final version is ready for the market.

Professional hairdressing products: 3 types of services:

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The Full Service ( Bespoke )

The most complete service based on your specifications

As a highly specialized cosmetics consultancy for hairdressing products, we recommend a comprehensive approach that will enable you to turn your idea into a perfectly adapted, ready-to-market product.

At Dôm Labs, we understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to your project, including technical, economic and commercial aspects.
As a complete service, we start by technically defining your project, drawing up detailed specifications that will serve as a reference throughout the development process.

Every aspect is meticulously studied, from ingredient formulation to packaging design, to ensure that your product is both attractive and compliant with current standards and regulations.

But our approach doesn't stop there. We pay particular attention to the economic and commercial dimension of your project. We analyze the market, study the competition and develop a customized marketing strategy to help you stand out from the crowd and maximize your chances of success. We also evaluate production costs, profit margins and selling prices to help you make informed, profitable decisions.

By choosing this comprehensive approach, you benefit from cutting-edge know-how and unrivalled expertise in hairdressing products.

Our experienced team, passionate about their work, will do everything in their power to offer you a customized solution that meets all your expectations.

The White Label

The fastest service based on existing formulas

Thanks to our dedicated solution for hairdressing products, you have the exceptional opportunity to select from a wide range of dedicated products, from shampoo to various hair care products, including targeted products for barbers. Whatever your preference, our sales team is here to meet all your needs.

You can opt for finished or bulk products, depending on your preferences.

Our aim, through our service, is to offer you maximum flexibility and give you the power to make informed decisions. Our team is fully available to guide you through the selection process, taking into account your specific needs and preferences.

When you call on our expertise, you can be sure of access to a range of top-quality hairdressing products, specially designed to meet the most stringent standards in terms of formulation, efficacy and safety.

Our experienced sales staff will be at your side to help you choose the cosmetics formulas that perfectly match your expectations and those of your customers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to create an unforgettable and distinctive experience.

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The Shaping Process


With this service dedicated to hairdressing products, we offer you an exclusive opportunity to create hairdressing products using formulas you already have, or by adapting existing formulas on the market.

With our production department, we take charge of the entire process, from manufacturing to packaging, to ensure that your products are optimally packaged.

We also take care of presenting your products in an attractive and professional way. That's why we take care of the packaging of your cosmetics, ensuring that they are presented in an attractive way and in harmony with your brand image.

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Discover our white-label customizable hair care products

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Our mission is to take care of everything related to your supply chain via our service, leaving you free to concentrate on what really matters: marketing your products !

Products for hairdressers: Create your own professional brand

Do you want to create your own products for hairdressers ?

At Dôm Labs, we share a common passion for the creation and development of product brands for hairdressers. We are here to support you at all stages of your project, from its initial design to its final completion.

We understand the importance of taking your needs and expectations into account. Specialized in the planning and development of cosmetic brands, we are committed to understanding your values ​​and defining the type of user experience you want to offer through your products.

By choosing to collaborate with us, you will benefit from a unique and personalized service. A dedicated sales representative will be at your disposal, ready to guide and support you throughout your journey. We simplify the set-up and development of your brand of hairdressing products by centralizing all your needs, thus avoiding the problems associated with multiple suppliers and the additional costs that come with it.

By working together, we will develop a strong and coherent brand strategy, in harmony with your values ​​and adapted to your target audience. Thus, when the time comes to create the formulas that make up your range, your project will already be well defined.

Dôm Labs is there to support you in the creation of your brand of products for hairdressers, advise you and help you achieve your goals.

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Products for hairdressers: Formulation

Dôm Labs is your trusted partner in cosmetic formulation for hairdressing products. We offer a full range of formulation services adapted to all your needs. Whether you want to develop shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, hair serums, hair masks, beard balms, beard oils, hairdressing solids and much more, we are here to support you from end to end, all with no minimum purchase quantity.

Our expertise allows us to create products for professional hairdressers of exceptional quality. Each formulation is carefully crafted to meet your specific requirements as well as European Union regulations, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

At Dôm Labs, we are passionate about innovation and excellence in products for hairdressers and barbers. Our goal is to provide you with unique, effective cosmetic products that set you apart in the hairdressing market.

Products for hairdressers: Regulations

We understand the crucial importance of cosmetic regulations in the development and marketing of your products for hairdressers via a cosmetic laboratory like ours. This is why we offer you a complete service that covers all regulatory processes, thus guaranteeing the compliance of your products for hairdressers.

Our dedicated team is ready to take care of all the necessary steps specific to hairdresser products. From registration with the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) to the creation of the DIP (Product Information File), through the performance of the various tests required for your project (Patch Test, Challenge Test, Stability and compatibility, etc.).

We keep ourselves constantly informed of the most recent regulations specific to products for hairdressers, whether international rules, microbiological, toxicological aspects, organic and natural products, contentious ingredients, mandatory labeling and much more.

Our permanent watch is our commitment to the compliance and safety of products for professional hairdressers. We work with rigor and precision to ensure that your products comply with all applicable standards and regulations.

Dôm Labs can support you in your regulatory procedures specific to products for hairdressers and free you from administrative constraints.

Contact us now to benefit from our personalized assistance and to ensure that your cosmetic products for hairdressers are marketed in full compliance.

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Products for hairdressers : Manufacturing

Dôm Labs offers you a complete and versatile service to bring your most daring ideas of products for hairdressers to life. Our solutions cover all aspects of manufacturing, from innovative formulations to state-of-the-art processes specific to hairstylist products.

When you choose Dôm Labs as your partner for the manufacture of your cosmetic products for hairdressers, you benefit from passionate advice. Together with you, we are committed to creating products for hairdressers of exceptional quality, meeting the highest standards in the industry, namely GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) taken up via ISO 22716.

We also have the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each hairdressing product project, whether for small series with no minimum purchase quantity or large-scale productions.

We understand that every brand is unique, which is why we offer you custom manufacturing services. From the selection of quality ingredients to rigorous testing and thorough quality checks, we ensure that every step in the manufacture of your products is meticulously supervised.

By working with Dôm Labs, you benefit from a transparent collaboration and the peace of mind that you do not have to juggle between several suppliers for your products for hairdressers.

Your dedicated sales representative will guide you through the entire process to create your bespoke product. Whether developing new formulas, optimizing existing ones or creating attractive product-specific packaging for professional hairdressers.

We provide high quality service to many types of customers in the hairdressing products industry, such as private labels, hair salon franchises, barbers, and more.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can professionally turn your ideas into reality, because your success is our interest.

Products for hairdressers: Conditioning and Packaging

When you use our services for your products for hairdressers, you also benefit from a complete service in terms of conditioning and packaging specific to your activity.

We're committed to presenting your products attractively, using the right proportions and offering a wide range of standard bottles, or custom-made ones thanks to the manufacture of personalized molds.

At Dôm Labs, we understand the importance of the final packaging of your items. This is why we take care of all the packaging stages specific to products for hairdressers, from packaging to blistering, including batching, labeling and palletizing, while respecting your requirements.

Thanks to our partnership with one of the logistics leaders in Europe, your products for hairdressers can be delivered to your customers in 48 hours in all Europe (service offered under conditions).

We make it a point of honor to offer quality conditioning and packaging, both aesthetic and functional, specific to products for hairdressers. Whether it is airless systems, bottles, jars, tubes or other packaging solutions, we are able to meet your specific needs.

This conditioning and packaging service specific to products for hairdressers is made to sublimate your products and offer them a neat presentation. We are committed to effective coordination and to providing you with conditioning and packaging solutions that reflect the value of your brand of hairdressing products.

Together we will create a visual experience for your customers to differentiate your products in the hairdresser market.

Contact us today to discuss your packaging and cosmetic packaging needs specific to hairstylist products.

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Products for hairdressers: Our added value

For your customers

At Dôm Labs, we understand the importance of creating significant added value for you and your customers.

We are here to support you in expanding your range of products for hairdressers, by adding new references or variants to your existing catalog. This strategic diversification will allow you to meet the changing needs of your customers in the field of hairdressing and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

By collaborating with us, you will be able to retain your customers thanks to exclusive and specific products. Our teams work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific requirements of hairdressers.

By choosing Dôm Labs as a partner for your products for hairdressers, you have the opportunity to conquer new markets in the field of hairdressing. With our knowledge of the hairdressing industry, we will help you identify and seize new business opportunities specific to hairdressing products. Whether it is by expanding your geographical presence in the hairdressing sector or by targeting new market segments in this field.

Another added value that we offer is to improve the awareness of your brand of hairdressing products. By working with us, you will benefit from high quality products specific to the needs of hairdressers, which reflect your brand values ​​and identity.

We will ensure that every aspect, from product formulation to packaging, contributes to strengthening your brand image in the hairdressing industry and attracting the attention of your current and future customers.
Finally, by partnering with Dôm Labs, you will benefit from professional support throughout your journey in the field of products for hairdressers. Our team will be at your side to advise and guide you at every stage of your project.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you expand your range of hairdressing products, build customer loyalty, create exclusive hairdressing-specific products, seize new opportunities in the hairdressing industry and improve brand awareness. of your brand.

At Dôm Labs, we understand the importance of creating significant added value for you and your customers.

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